The 16th Annual Meeting of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) is scheduled for April 25-28, 2013, in Chicago, IL at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa, (with pre-conference workshops scheduled for April 25th, 2013). The 2013 conference theme is "Expanding Opportunities for LCTL Learning at All Levels of Instruction."

The deadline for submitting a proposal has passed. We are currently reviewing the proposals and will notify you shortly on whether or not your proposal has been accepted. At least one presenter from an accepted presentation will be required to pre-register for the conference. Details about registration are to be found on the NCOLCTL 2013 Conference website.




NCOLCTL's mission is to increase the number of Americans who choose to learn one or more of the less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) as a means of enhancing cross-cultural communication among citizens of the United States. NCOLCTL's work focuses on the less commonly taught languages which are becoming increasingly vital to the security, economic, social and political welfare of the United States. NCOLCTL seeks to improve the teaching and learning of these languages and to make them more generally available. NCOLCTL is the national voice for organizations and individuals who represent the teaching of these less commonly taught languages at both the collegiate and precollegiate level. NCOLCTL also promotes the use of technology, especially computers and the Internet, to enable a new era in cross-cultural understanding, communication, and language education.

NCOLCTLl constitutes a national mechanism devoted to strengthening the less commonly taught language professions through enabling its members to work toward "shared solutions to common problems." NCOLCTL principally directs its efforts toward building a national architecture for the LCTL field and in making the field's resources easily accessible to language programs and individual learners around the United States.

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