Recent Journals of NCOLCTL

JNCOLCTL Volume 25 2019

  1.   Preparing Teachers of Critical Languages for Articulated Performance Assessment Task Design   Jennifer Eddy  
  2.   A Student Perceptions of Progress and Engagement in Language Learning: The Blended-Learning Model (the Case of Ukrainian)   Alla Nedashkivska  
  3.   Acquisition of Tone Sandhis by English Speaking Learners of Chinese   Wenhua Jin   
  4.   Understanding the Difficulties in Building Intercultural Relationships from Perspectives of American Students and Japanese Students during a Short-term Study Abroad in Japan   Hiromi Tobaru   
  5.   Rhetorical Awareness in Foreign Language Writing: An Advanced-level Japanese Case Study    Zhini Zeng and Ying Liu   
  6.   Miscellanea: The Shared LCTL Symposium: A Call for Action   Stéphane Charitos, Emily Heidrich , Koen Van Gorp, and Luca Giupponi  

JNCOLCTL Volume 24 2018

  1.   Beyond Advanced Proficiency: Using Portfolio Assessment to Evaluate Expertise in Communicating in Chinese as a Foreign Language   Zhini Zeng  
  2.   Pedagogy on teaching negotiation of speech acts:Accepting invitations and offers in L2 Chinese   Yunwen Su and Yufen Chang   
  3.   Feedback and Response to Feedback in Teaching Writing to Learners of Arabic or any Second Language: A field report on a pedagogical model    Peter John Glanville   
  4.   Drama in LCTL Classrooms: Example of an Experiential Learning Project in Modern Standard Arabic   Hossam Elsherbiny  
  5.   Utilizing Social Networks in Language Classes – Perception, Production, and Interaction    Yang Xiao-Desai, Ka F. Wong, and Christopher Magriney   

JNCOLCTL Volume 23 2018

  1.   Authentic Texts as Reading Materials in a Chinese as a Foreign Language Classroom: Learners’ Perceptions and Pedagogical Implications   Sha Huang  
  2.   What do teachers want? Professional development opportunities for instructors of Portuguese as a heritage language   Gláucia V. Silva and Everton Vargas da Costa  
  3.   “You’re wrong!” How Egyptians and Americans Correct Others in Everyday Conversations: A Cross-Cultural Investigation   Nader Morkus  
  4.   Characterizations of native speaker by language teachers and students of Japanese and Chinese in the U.S.   Shinsuke Tsuchiya  
  5.   Attitudes toward Accents in Less Commonly Taught Language Education: A Korean Case in Canada   Mihyon Jeon  
  6.   Chinese as a Second Language Pronunciation Teaching Survey   Chunsheng Yang and Wenhua Jin  

JNCOLCTL Volume 22 2017

     1.       Features of Teacher Talk in the Context of Less Commonly Taught Languages   Vesna Dimitrieska  
  2.   Chinese Language Teachers’ Perceptions and Implementation of Task-based Language Teaching in the US   Miao-fen Tseng  
  3.   A Study of Chinese Fulbright Teaching Assistants in the U.S.: Implications for Second Language Teacher Education   Han Luo and Pan Gao  
  4.   Exploring the Impact of Game-Based Tasks on the Motivation of Military Personnel Learning Pashto   Nadežda Novaković & Evan Rubin:   
  5.   Enhancing Metaphorical Competence in the L2 Russian Classroom    Larysa Bobrova  
  6.   Supplemental Vodcasts for Japanese Language Learners: Examining Students’ Perceptions   Kathryn Negrelli  
  7.   Bending the Arc of Our Nation’s L Languages: The Emergence of LCTLs in the United States On the 25th Anniversary of NCOLCTL   Richard D. Brecht:   

JNCOLCTL Volume 21 Spring 2017   

   1.     Attitudes of Arabic- and Non-Arabic Speaking Parents Toward the Importance of Learning Arabic in the United States    Sara Al Alili and Wafa Hassan
  2.   The Effects of using VoiceThread on Students’ Listening Comprehension and Attitudes Toward using VoiceThread    Oraib Mango 
  3.   Heritage Learners versus Non-heritage Learners in Five Less Commonly Taught Languages:Conditions, Practices, and Challenges   Rabia Redouane 
  4.   A Survey on Postsecondary Korean Language Programs in the United States   Susie Kim 
  5.   Formation of Korean heritage school teachers' transnational identity   Hye Young Shin & Shelley Wong 
  6.   The Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Korean K-12 Teacher Training Workshops   Sang Yee Cheon 
  7.   The Impacts of Theme-Based Language Instruction: A Case Study of an Advanced Chinese Intensive Program   Song Jiang 
  8.   Early Mandarin Literacy in a Class-created Reading Library   Reed Riggs 


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